Marketing of recyclable materials. We collect the following materials:

Plastic wastes

  • PET bottles - colorless, blue, green and mixed
  • Film - colored and colorless
  • Film - stretch film, food products foil, disposable bags
  • Film - foil tunnels, the silage film, films after construction materials
  • Bags big-bag - for storage and transport
  • Plastic belts - belts for packing and securing of cargo
  • Plastic packaging - food packaging, household chemicals- soft and hard, CD boxes
  • Production scrap - hard and soft, outflows, ingots
  • And many more


  • Cartons - the packaging made of cardboard, old records, spacers, corrugated cardboard core
  • Paper - newspapers, unsold newspapers, newspaper of the expressions, printing offcuts, office papers
  • And many more


  • Glass containers - white and colored, jars, bottles, bowls


  • Packaging made from metal - soda cans or tins
  • Metal scrap - iron and steel, copper, bronze, brass, aluminum

We buy waste from private individuals and companies. We collect the waste from the production's factories, wholesalers, retailers, distributors, farmers and many others. We provide all the necessary documents.